Lexipol Logo


Lexipol is the country's leading provider of risk management resources for public safety organizations.  Services include web based policy manuals and procedure manuals that contain solid, realistic, ongoing and verifiable training. Daily Training Bulletins and National Daily Training Bulletins are also provided and are the key to a safe organization as they make every day a training day.

Fire Fighter Close Calls Logo is an idea born from “The Secret List” (TSL). The attitude is that in order for firefighters to survive the dangers of the job we must learn how other firefighters have had “Close Calls” and even been injured or killed on the job.  By sharing these stories firefighters, instead of hiding behind their embarrassment, have the potential to keep others from making the same mistakes. This website brings forward issues in an effort to enforce that philosophy-and get firefighters to refocus on what's important. This website provides solutions to make the job that much safer, including Weekly Fire Drills and SOP’s/SOG’s sections.

Fire 20/20


FIRE 20/20, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is dedicated to helping Fire/EMS connect with their multicultural communities to increase the reach and effectiveness of prevention and recruitment programs. Based on the research findings, FIRE 20/20 proposes that a diverse fire department is a cost-effective prevention strategy. A fire department that reflects and represents the diverse community it serves reduces language barriers, increases trust and provides for two-way learning to close knowledge gaps. Multicultural communities become powerful partners for prevention.


Safe Call Now Logo


Safe Call Now is dedicated to saving the lives of public safety employees who find themselves contemplating suicide.  Safe Call Now provides an anonymous service where those in peril can call and talk to someone who understands the stresses of their job.  Remember, it takes a special kind of person to protect the lives and property of others.  You can’t do this job effectively if you don’t take care of yourself.