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Gordon Graham's Personal and Company Philosophy

Fquotationsor those of you whom I have had the pleasure to meet, you already are aware of how I look at life. My parents gave me a wonderful foundation of hard work and honesty for which I am forever grateful. In the twenty-six years I spent in formal education (K through Law School) I was fortunate to meet (personally and through their teachings) a number of brilliant women and men. I studied their view of life, compared it and contrasted it with mine, and as a result have come up with several core beliefs. I've presented them here, albeit paraphrased to keep them short enough for this page.

With all of this in mind, I approach every class I instruct as a single opportunity to impact your women and men. Many of them will never see me again, so I have just one chance to "load their hard drive" regarding the above, regardless of the topic being discussed.

I try to give every attendee a primer on the value of Risk Management as they truly are the best managers of risk you have in your workplace. Secondly, I give them information regarding systems, as well designed systems, kept up to date and fully implemented will never let you or your organization down. Third, I believe that each and every incident they encounter is an opportunity to maximize Customer Service, both internal and external. Fourth, I stress "accountability" particularly with respect to systems implementation, i.e. following the rules. Finally, every thing we do is an opportunity to manifest integrity through ethical behavior. These concurrent themes pop up throughout each presentation.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Again, I look forward to speaking with you regarding your specific needs, and working with you to deliver a wonderful, memorable program for your organization.